Youth HEART Program2018-10-31T16:28:43-05:00

Helping Youth Connect to their HEART!

Our  Youth HEART Program using the process of learning CPR as the basis of a youth development, service learning, and mentoring program.  HEART is an acronym which means Healthy, Engaged, Action-Oriented, Reflective, and Teamwork:

  • Healthy.  Focuses on nutrition, physical activity, and social/emotional health development.
  • Engaged. Positions youth to connect to a larger network through which they can experience belongingness.
  • Action-Oriented. Connects youth to servant leadership opportunities which benefit the community.
  • Reflective. Youth learn to live an examined life through specific exercises and growth opportunities.
  • Teamwork. Youth learn the value of working together to achieve larger goals.

Look for More HEART Information in 2019!