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CPR Training

Lesly’s CPR is positioned to provide a wide range of CPR training to all sectors. We specialize in providing custom classes and experiences to meet the learning levels of all.  We offer training to specific organizations and employers which are only open to those who are invited or eligible to attend. We also offer the occasional “general admission” class  in which anyone can participate. Please learn more about our UPCOMING CLASSES.

That said, all of our training leads to the following types of certifications, depending upon your interest and needs.

BLS Certification

BLS (Basic Life Support) training is a required prerequisite for  ACLS training. It provides a high-level overview of CPR (over 8 hours) which leads to an initial two-year certification.

ACLS Certification

ACLS (Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support) training provides healthcare professionals with CPR techniques needed to address adult emergencies.  ACLS students learn about respiratory and cardiac arrest, conducting airway management, managing crises, and other related topics.  ACLS training can be completed in one day, though the total class is 12 hours. Renewal ACLS courses take 6 hours.  ACLS certifications are valid for two years.

Schedule Your CPR Training

Organizations wishing to schedule their own custom CPR session can CONTACT US today!