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Our Mission

Our mission is to promote the uplifting of others with a holistic approach so that we can start to build a better life for all. 5013c organization providing relief within low income communities and her Youth HEART program  throughout Southern California.

Our Founder

Lesly’s CPR was founded in 2018 by a veteran of giving back, Lesly Pickett has been a medical professional for over a decade and dedicates her life to helping others. With a background in nursing, counseling, and social services, Lesly understands the importance of having dedication and compassion for others, she believes that partnering with others creates a stronger impact into change. Thus, always committed by  “Life Is Why”. 

She strives to break the chain of hunger and hopelessness within the lives of those who are in need, and she will dedicate her heart and passion into doing so. Lesly’s CPR will be making a difference, one heart at a time, God Bless.