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Our Mission

The mission of Lesly’s CPR is to facilitate the teaching of CPR to all those who are interested. We believe we provide the best CPR training you can find anywhere! On top of that, we are a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization, so we serve the greater public through our work.

Our Founder

Lesly’s CPR was founded in 2018 by veteran CPR instructor Lesly Pickett.  She has refined her teaching techniques through years of study, practice, and working with students to make their learning experiences highly enjoyable.  With a background in nursing, counseling, and social services, Lesly understands the importance of having well-trained practitioners of CPR within EVERY environment. Thus, she has developed a method through which everyone can learn CPR… and have fun during the process.

To date, Lesly has  trained over 200 security and medical staff on how to perform CPR and save lives. When asked why this is an important work, her response is always a passionate LIFE IS WHY!